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Creative Guides Booklet

Our 24-page Creative Guides Booklet first identifies Africa's education challenges:

1. curriculum
2. teaching methods
3. examination craze
4. overcrowded classrooms
5. parental role
6. teachers' motivation

It then explores possible solutions:

1. manage big classes effectively
2. dare to do more
3. promote learning by doing
4. provide guidance
5. complement parents
6. be self-aware
7. celebrate your rewards

The filmed version of the booklet is the Creative Guides Video (27 minutes).

To read or download the booklet please click here.
To order please email or call/WhatsApp +256 782 779 599.

Creative Guides: Overview | Video | Workbook | What Next

General Overview
Gorilla Highlands
Bakiga Film
Creative Guides
  What Next
Decoloniser’s Drum

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