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Story in Images
These 29 frames from our documentary summarise the 29-minute story.

We find Festo Karwemera on Lake Bunyonyi. He lands at Bufuka Village where he finds an interesting book.

He appreciates what he finds in The Chiga of Western Uganda, a book researched byMay Mandelbaum Edel at the very same peninsula 70 years ago. However, he says that it is now up to the Bakiga to present their culture. A brief history of the tribe is offered.

Karwemera mentions his long and often neglected fight for the language and the traditions of his tribe. Then he takes us to the streets of Kabale Town. He criticises the materialistic and falsely modernised way of life.

The people want to have a lifestyle of Europeans but they also want to have many children. Population pressure is forcing young Bakiga to migrate to other areas. By doing so, they lose the contact with their culture.

For these young people Karwemera built a cultural museum, which he presents in detail. One of the highlights is the ingenious way the Bakiga kept rats away from their skins.

Karwemera wonders why nobody wants to modernise the traditional attire. He visits a tailor who complains about cheap second-hand clothes from abroad.

Still, if second hand clothes were not here, would local tailors dare to design creative clothes? Probably not, if they are a typical product of Ugandan education. This education teaches children how to copy, not create.

Thousands of little shops all selling the same thing demonstrate how people don't want to try something new.... Imported churches tell the Bakiga not to be bothered with their current life, since this is merely a step to salvation.

The old ways of worshipping and the work of witchdoctors are explained.

Traditional dances were banned for decades since they were allegedly satanic. Now people do not know how to dance properly. And when they organise weddings, they ignore old customs.

Those customs are illustrated, and the unfortunate destiny of unmarried pregnant girls is talked about.

Karwemera then checks on traditional blacksmiths and canoe makers - examples of the old crafts still in existence. The old and the new culture indeed mix in many ways, but the negative sides of both of them manage to prevail.

Karwemera shows a booklet with children's works. They have put together an impressive collection of cultural heritage.

But the kids' perception of white tourists is disturbing - they see Europeans as superior. Karwemera ends the film with a call to all young Africans to respect and explore their cultures, to be proud of the colour of their skin.

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