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Decoloniser's Drum


Crucial advice for playing the game, and some background

Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda, 1911 - The setting of the game. Three parts of the lake represent three levels.

An Omutwa or "Pygmy" warrior with his typical weapon. You move with cursors, shoot with the space bar.

You can't swim (even today, few locals can), so you need to find a canoe to move to other islands and peninsulas. You turn the boat with the left and right arrow, use down and up for moving back and forth. You can't shoot from the boat.

The drum. You need to find three randomly distributed parts of it, one per level. The drumming sound will help you locate them - it increases when you come closer to the drum. Finding all will call hordes of cows from the underworld, help you feed a big army and chase colonisers away.

The desired, and the worrying state of the colonisers. They will become harmless and run away after you hit them, but first they will try to tie you, eating your energy. Yes, these guys are British - but we don't have anything against this magnificent nation, we only hate any form of colonising anyone.

Your energy level - we are using the symbol of our Bunyonyi centre for this, pardon our self-promotion!

A friendly Mukiga witchdoctor will restore your energy if you come closer to him. Don't shoot at him or at any other innocent being!

A nice Mukiga blacksmith will give you arrows. You can also pick up your arrows that go astray. There is usually fire around blacksmiths. Don't touch!

A Bakiga settlement, with typical granaries - this is predominantly the land of the Bakiga, bigger tribe, one of the most numerous groups in Uganda. See such a hut for real...

The woman, working all the day long - a famous trait of the Bakiga. The game is showing the time when men were fighting, hunting, clearing the land, ... Now they can't do much of this any more. But the women are still digging.

Now, this is the prize for those who are actually reading this section - this woman has been left on Punishment Island (top left of the map of Level 2) because she is pregnant and unmarried. Coming close to her will give you a family, and Game Over.

Hippos. To be honest, the hippos rarely come to Bunyonyi. One lost lonely animal got here in the 1980s, using the river in the north. But they do provide some thrill on the water, right?

Leopards. A real danger in the past, absent now. You can shoot them only if you are very fast. Beware of any concentration of trees. (If you kill enough leopards, we might dress our Omutwa in a sexy leopard skin in the next version of the game! ;-)

One of the trees - we have conducted a serious research to learn which species were really there a century ago. Today, the land is mostly cleared due to population pressure, and the existing forests are mostly made of imported eucalypti.

This cactus has very nasty thorns, they will take away your energy quickly

Crested cranes, the national symbol of Uganda. The romantic fact about them is that they always fly in pairs. Like other birds, they are in the game solely for beauty's sake. We have presented eight out of over 200 bird species present at Bunyonyi, the lake of many little birds.

The typewriter will tell you the names of places. Old sites are written in CAPITALS, current tourist establishments in lower case (this has nothing to do with advertising, it is to orient those who have been to the lake).


Michal (Czech Republic) ... programming
Miha (Uganda) ... script, graphics
Kanimba (Uganda) ... Batwa consultant
Comfort (Uganda) ... illustrations
Martin (Uganda) ... illustrations
Gerald (Uganda) ... music
Katrin (Germany) ... research, maps
Irma (Slovenia) ... research
Gershom (Uganda) ... birds
DJ Andru (Uganda) ... sound recording

released in March 2004


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Gorilla Highlands
Bakiga Film
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Decoloniser’s Drum

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