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Overview of Batwa Today & Batwa Kids

Edirisa specialises in the remote regions of the Gorilla Highlands of southwestern Uganda. Our pro-poor mission focuses on cultural self-respect of indigenous peoples and provides authentic experiences away from the beaten trail.

We have worked with Batwa “Pygmies” for over a decade. We are trying to come up with creative tourism solutions that benefit their communities and help visitors better understand and appreciate their rich culture and challenging present.

Batwa Today is a result of more than one year of preparations. In 2012 we got to know Kanusu, a great Batwa guide who started to take our trekkers through Echuya Forest Reserve on multi-day treks. A year later, at the request of Studiosus Reisen, we were introduced to his people at Rwamahano near Echuya Forest Reserve and began to closely cooperate with them, impressed by their dedication to bettering their situation. Visitors’ response has been extremely positive and Rwamahano has become our preferred destination and a model for other communities.

In 2015 Matoke Tours asked us to develop an activity that would entertain children under 15 who cannot visit mountain gorillas with their parents. In May 2016 we officially opened Batwa Kids to all visitors, irrespective of their travel plans.

Our rates start at USD 30 and the program includes:
- pickup from any Kabale/Lake Bunyonyi location and a scenic drive near the lake to Muko
- preparation session over a cup of coffee at Muko Campsite, led by Edirisa specialists
- two different forest walk options in Echuya Forest Reserve, led by Batwa guides

The general version of Batwa Today ends with:
- local bar experience at a Bakiga (majority tribe) trading centre
- tour of the settlement of Kanusu’s people at Rwamahano
- chat with the Batwa, ending with a cultural program
- evaluation/debriefing at Muko Campsite or any other location of your choice

The Batwa Kids ends with:
- picnic in Echuya Forest
- limbo dance competition

Most of our guests stay at Bunyonyi and have their own car. If you come from the Kisoro direction, we can meet you at Muko and start from there. If you don’t have your own vehicle, we can organise one for you.

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To book or get more information please write to info@edirisa.org or call/WhatsApp +256 782 779 599.

Photo: Marcus Westberg, Miha Logar

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