Edirisa Canoe Trekking
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Special Offers for Families

We love children. Our team gets excited every time a family books a trip and the news of "little visitors" spreads across our land like wildfire. We operate in remote areas where international guests are rare and non-local kids simply striking. A visiting family will generate smiles and wonder and be the news of the week for the villages on our way.

If you need help with carrying your child, our staff will easily find a local person to be hired for this job.

We impose no age limits and assume parents know their kids' abilities and interests best. With the exception of the Echuya Forest crossing, all our trips can work for any age, fit grandparents included.

Child-size life jackets are available, of course, and discounts for families are a given. The usual formula is two children for the price of one adult but it works on a case-by-case basis.

Our itineraries are flexible and can be changed or combined based on your wishes and needs.

When listing upcoming trips, we mention whenever kids are present among trekkers, allowing other participants to choose to join or not. But those who trek with families are normally impressed by how disturbance-free such tours are.

No wonder. Most children love nature, camping, canoes, meeting African friends and everything else that comes with our trips.

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To book or get more information please write to info@edirisa.org or call/WhatsApp +256 782 779 599.

Photo: Ajda Trefalt, Miha Logar

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Tom`s Homestay on Lake Bunyonyi
Batwa Today (Echuya Forest Reserve)
Cultural Museum of the Bakiga (Kabale)
Special Offers for Families
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